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Grassroots football to blame for the lack of English talent:

By Scott Mills It is a cold and miserable October morning and as the clock strikes nine, many football enthusiasts are just starting to drag themselves out of bed on a day off, full of excitement when given a similar situation on a weekday they could not think of anything worse. However this is not […]

Have Solent Limited opportunities to play football at University?

The Fight Against Funding

By Scott Mills As the London Olympics becomes a mere memory, many of the local sporting governments are already discarding of the legacy it once tried to leave behind. With the government rarely providing funding for many of the amateur boxing clubs in the Hampshire region, the ‘sport for all’ mantra is being lost. There […]

Backstage Sport Video Showreel:

Backstage Sport was a student brand that myself and fellow students Joe Thomlinson and Samuel Price created to bring local stories to the Universities website. During this period we each took it in turns to shoot on location, edit, script and compile the voiceovers for these videos. As well as this I would also write the articles […]