Monthly Archives: February 2016

London Marathon 2016 Training Blog: Hampton Court Half-Marathon!

By Scott Mills Nothing prepares you better for your first official half-marathon, then spending a week living on your own whilst having to balance the pleasures of work, house-sitting chores, training and often having to clean up dogs mess on a regular basis. With the Hampton Court Half-Marathon on the horizon and my parents away soaking […]

London Marathon 2016 Training Blog: Blood, Sweat and Beers

By Scott Mills These days there’s not much that sums up a Monday morning better than the sight of stumbling downstairs to make breakfast, only to be greeted in the kitchen by a sample of your dog’s urine on the floor and the view of two garden fence panels being blown half way across the garden. Having played […]

London Marathon 2016 Training Blog: Building a Tough Mentality

By Scott Mills ‘Beep, Beep, Beep.’ As the clock strikes 7am on a cold, blistery Monday morning, the majority of us are usually groggily awoken to the sound of an alarm to signify one of the most soul destroying thoughts known to man. For most of us, this is spending the next five days sat in an office […]

London Marathon 2016 Training Blog: Reaching the Half Milestone!

By Scott Mills After being bed bound and becoming extremely good acquaintances with my bathroom for three days last week, I was finally able to start covering over 10 miles on a regular basis. However, it wasn’t quite the  return to training that I was expecting and if there was anything that could signal this, it was the moment I […]