London Marathon 2016 Training Blog: Blood, Sweat and Beers

By Scott Mills

These days there’s not much that sums up a Monday morning better than the sight of stumbling downstairs to make breakfast, only to be greeted in the kitchen by a sample of your dog’s urine on the floor and the view of two garden fence panels being blown half way across the garden.

Having played 90 minutes of football the day before in nothing but thick mud, I also shouldn’t really have been surprised when I found myself feeling like a 90 year-old man who had undergone lower back surgery at least three times.

If this Monday had it’s own song it probably would’ve chosen Daniel Pewter’s ‘Bad Day’ and it wasn’t even 8.30am yet!

Lucky for me, I was still able to have a bit of time to pull myself together before I was to due to undergo yet another strenuous training session that evening.

The weather wasn't ideal making the training session even harder!

The weather wasn’t ideal making the training session even harder!

Although I was still dealing with the painful, burning sensation of a blister on my left foot, the biggest challenge I had to face this time was running against 30mph gusts of wind, something that made me feel like I was moving in slow motion.

Baring in mind that my running speed is probably comparable to that of a turtle, you can imagine how much harder running in this weather was when I had to push even harder to move through it.

Even though it was yet another 13 mile run that I was set to embark on, I found this one somewhat easier and more enjoyable than the others I have completed.

With Jenny running a session at the Kingsmeadow Athletics track in New Malden, I had to run to the track from my house in Chessington to then cover even more distance by doing laps followed by a run back home to conclude the 13 miles.

I suppose what I enjoyed about this run was just the sheer fact that I was running with a different scenery from that I was used to.

I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly dislike the usual training routine I follow, but there is only so much staring into a field of grass or at a wet athletics track that you can take before it starts to get a bit mundane.

Despite this, I was back mingling with nature the following day as I took part in a light session where I managed a short distance of 9 miles around Richmond Park.

After putting in a shift as far as mileage was concerned for three days straight now, fatigue was starting to take its toll on my body.

My muscles were starting to feel tired so the day off on the Wednesday was much needed.

Whilst I was meant to have a relaxing day off, free of any physical activity, it was no surprise that once I was asked to play 5 a-side football that evening, the day off went straight out the window.

Now I hate having days off and as soon as I was asked to play any football, I didn’t need to be asked a second time.

I suppose asking me if I wanted to play football would be like asking Justin Beiber if he would like some mash with those bangers he’s been releasing recently.

Not only did I cover my fair share amount of mileage followed by a few compliments about my ‘engine’, it wasn’t until the end of the game that I realised that this was perhaps more than a kick around.

Unfortunately, what I have been selected for on the back of that match I am unable to say but to say I was buzzing for it would be an understatement.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows because when I got back to the changing rooms to take of my shoes, my socks were practically red.


Somehow I didn’t feel this whilst playing football!

What made it even weirder was the fact that I had felt no pain whilst playing football, so when it looked as though a red Niagara Falls had taken place in my shoe, it took me a bit by surprise to say the least.

So with my foot bandaged up showing shades of ex-England footballer Terry Butcher’s head covered in claret, I was back out and about in Richmond Park to complete a 16 mile run.

Due to the football match and the gym session the evening before, to say I was shattered after covering my longest distance yet didn’t even come close.

Obviously, I was ecstatic in the sense I had covered 16 miles but knowing that there is another ten to cover to complete a full marathon makes me realise how it is only going to get incredibly harder over the following months.

With the Hampton Court Half-Marathon fast approaching this Sunday, I can’t wait to see how my first competitive race turns out, not just for the experience but also to see what time I can run 13 miles in.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to sponsor me for the London Marathon you can do so here:



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