London Marathon Training Blog: 6am, 17 mile starts!

By Scott Mills

Having been fresh out of my first half-marathon, I suppose I should begin this weeks blog by apologising about a weeks absence due to unforeseen circumstances of a schedule that was busier than Oxford Street at Christmas.

Alongside the fact I was battling a cold that felt like the plague, in the week following the Hampton Court Half-Marathon there was an extreme lack of running as I only managed a couple of short distance runs to help my body recover more than aiming for getting more mileage under my belt.

Cannot wait for the 24th April, I am like a kid before Christmas

Cannot wait for the 24th April, I am like a kid before Christmas

However, after spending last Saturday celebrating a friends birthday in Southampton, I must take a moment to pay my dues to those people that play sport without any sleep and a hangover from the night before.

Now it’s very rare for me to indulge in a night out before playing football but after that I can see why.

With my timing worse than a Kanye West rant at Wireless festival and my passes peppering the spectators on the side of the pitch more often than reaching my team-mates, I now salute those who take pleasure in playing hung-over because I don’t know how they do it.

Feeling fresher than a new trim, this week I was ready to get back into the thick of things as the London Marathon dawned ever closer.

As work and other commitments were now starting to dominate the majority of my days, I found that 6am runs were starting to become the norm.

Whilst many people would probably rather spend two hours watching Dickenson’s Real Deal than run that early in the morning, I actually thoroughly enjoy it.

Now it may sound slightly obscure to say that when I could be getting in a few extra hours of sleep, but whilst the mornings are crisp and cold with the streets virtually empty, I genuinely feel that I am able to run longer for the pure fact that my body is still waking up.

Catching flies with that mouth! Although I am glad my hair isn't taking my eye out for once!

Catching flies with that mouth! Although I am glad my hair isn’t taking my eye out for once!

Also I would be lying if I didn’t say that I found taking in some of the extraordinary views of a few badly drawn images of male genitalia sprayed across some of the walls along the A3 quite amusing.

After a quick and short 11 mile run through New Malden and Kingston in the lovely English rain with my hair repetitively poking me in my eye, the next two days were quite challenging when I completed a 17 mile run in two consecutive days.

If you thought having to take on these mammoth runs were bad, having to come to terms with the fact my faithful red Adidas shoes that have made me look like sonic in recent years were at their end was even worse.

With my knees started to feel the full effect of the trainers losing their cushion, I felt as though that ending this 4 year relationship with them would be more emotional than the ‘Notebook’.

An interesting thought that had crossed my mind as I was trekking back down the A3 from Roehampton to my house was the realisation that it was my mind that would see me through this painful yet thrilling 26.2 miles.

As my body would start to feel aches and pains even pushing my lactate threshold to the limit, the longer I ran the more I knew my legs would continue to move as long as I kept a positive mind.

With the week reaching its end and yet another football match topping it off on the Sunday, never would I have thought that I would be looking forward to the London Marathon as much as I am now.

If you would like to sponsor me in supporting disabled children in sport for the charity Get Kids Going! you can do so here:





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