Top 10 must watch things on Youtube!

imagesBy Peter Davies

Casey Neistat

This guy is producing a vlog everyday and somehow every clip is compelling. If I was to do a vlog everyday the highlights would mostly be me pouring my cereal into a bowl or emptying the dishwasher. Seriously though, his videos are a mixture of funny, inspiring and just stunning visuals. He is one of the Youtube greats!

Shark Party

Probably one of the most offensive things I’ve seen but it’s still very funny. Anthony Jeselnik is America’s answer to Frankie Boyle; he’s famous for tweeting and commenting on tragedies as they happen that day. Jeselnik currently has one of his stand-ups on Netflix where he explains Shark Party. Shark Party is one of his sketches that he devised during his Comedy Central Show The Jeselnik Offensive. For this I’ll show you two clips that you should watch one after the other for context. Enjoy!

Candide Thovex

Whether you’re a fan of skiing or not Candide Thovex videos are incredible to watch. His ‘One of those days’ series have nearly 30 million views combined! There’s jaw-dropping tricks and thrills with a mixture of humour to go along with it. Looks like a laid back ski run for the French skier but we mortals couldn’t even imagine attempting half of his stunts.

Noel Gallagher ripping into Oasis videos

The king of Brit Pop has always had something to say about everything but rarely does he take the piss out of himself. In this rare commentary Noel Gallagher talks over clips of past Oasis videos that he actually hasn’t seen. Some of his reactions are priceless!

OK Go – Needing/Getting

You may know OK Go from their most famous music video where they’re dancing on treadmills but that isn’t their only unique clip. The American band are probably more famous now for their inventive style of making music videos rather than their actual music. Needing/Getting has them making a track purely from the sound of them driving a car around a specially prepared track. Must’ve took hours and many takes to do this!

Adam Buxton Bug show

Comedian Adam Buxton use to have a show on Sky Atlantic called Bug, where he used the way people write on the internet to fuel his routine. He now tours this around the country and has his own successful podcast too. It’s a stand-up show pretty much about YouTube itself!

Awkward Puppets

These sketches are sort of like a crude version of the Muppets. It follows a group of bad-mouthed puppets through their everyday lives. Meet Diego, Benita, Sam and the gang as they try to overcome modern day society.

Jack & Dean

Found out about this comedy duo by bumping into Jack at a press event for Disney’s Big Hero 6. I talked to him the whole day not knowing “he was kinda a big deal”. When I searched him up I realised I probably should’ve paid him more compliments (sorry Jack!). Anyway you’ve probably seen this British act on Radio 1 when they hosted the Chart show and their own segments but they also have their own channel full of funny sketches. Definitely an up-and-coming act so there’ll be producing stuff for years to come.


Bit biased here! Adam and Hope are friends of mine but I do think their vlogs are brilliant. I have notifications for every time they upload a new video because I’m truly hooked. They’ve recently got engaged and their channel follows their lives  together. They are both funny in their own ways and they give good tips about their travels too. Right I’m off to collect my bribe… I mean enjoy!

My Uni video

Ok last and probably least! I’m going to shamelessly self promote myself here. I made a sports report on Aldershot Ski Race club, who are the top dry slope ski team in the country. I talk to coaches and the recent All England female champion about the sport and their ambitions. You also see me Go Pro’d up and trying to do my best as a presenter. Ski Sunday eat your heart out!




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