Elliott’s Exercise Diary: A New Hope

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Where to begin?

For those who know me, know that I have been an active person all my life, playing a variety of sports as a child, predominately football, with the occasional tennis and cricket matches thrown in for good measure.

But, after leaving semi-professional football to concentrate on my Sports Journalism degree, which I obtained from Southampton Solent University last November (2015 if you are reading this in the future) my fitness took a massive nosedive.

Three solid years of travelling to and from University up to five times a week and those gruelling early morning alarms at 5am, coupled with arriving home sometimes as late as 10pm, left me with little to no time to stay in good shape. 

So after three years of little exercise I decided to put a stop it and find a fun, easy and most importantly to me a cheap way of increasing my cardio.

After contemplating re-joining a gym, I ventured out into running, which is the cheapest form of exercise, but it is also the most BORING way to get into shape. I found myself spending more time getting ready to actually go out than I did running, because I would spend ages deliberating on what music I should listen to whilst I’m putting one foot in front of the other. Then it finally dawned on me.

Yoga! Why had I not thought of this before? After suffering from several problems with my knee when I was younger, yoga is the best way to help build stronger ligaments and stretch those muscles that have been more dormant than your average volcano.

Growing up professional wrestling was always on in my house and when I found out that one of my favourite wrestlers had created a fun, easy and stress-free yoga workout that gets you into the best shape of your life and helps you “drop a few lb’s” as Steve Austin would say. I was sold.

One quick easy payment later and DDP Yoga was on it’s way to my house and let me tell you, it is not easy. Diamond Dallas Page, who created the programme after suffering from back problems, has given me a way of transforming my life for the better and for those of you wondering, no we are not being sponsored by DDP Yoga (though that would be ridiculously cool.)

Like any form of exercise you have to stick at it and after a couple of sessions I found myself telling myself that I can do this. It wasn’t the fact that I had paid for the workout that I stuck with it, because I have paid for a gym membership before and like a lot of people hardly used it, like that episode of FRIENDS when Ross and Chandler try to cancel their memberships.

It’s because I didn’t have to leave my house, I didn’t have to interact with anyone and have those awkward conversations with people in the gym whilst trying to exercise, nor did I have to wait until a machine was free before I could use it and I didn’t feel as though people were judging me on how long I spent doing it.

Hey, I could press pause anytime I wanted and DDP actively tells you to, he says stop and shut me up if you need to catch your breath and drink some water and I do not feel guilty about it because I can press play and still do my 20-30 minutes of exercise anytime I want.

We live such busy lives, mainly due to work commitments, but it is important that we take care of ourselves and stay healthy.

I have found my way of staying in shape and I hope you too find a fun way of maintaining your health.

Oh, and for those of you who noticed, feel free to give me a round of applause for my excellent Star Wars pun in the title.




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