How to stop that end of ski season feeling


Missing the winter wonderland?

By Peter Davies

Now that the winter ski season has come to an end, skiers have to find ways to fill that empty hole that was previously full with snowy mountain tops.

Here’s a few ways how!

Grass skiing

Find a hill, strap those roller boots on and lets forget that skiing even needs snow! Grass skiing use to be fairly popular in the 80s and it still has a world cup series today.

Wii Fit 


Yes that’s me (I don’t ski like that normally, promise!)

Dust off that Wii, you forgot you got given one Christmas, and go virtual skiing (actual ski poles and hat optional!).

Hoverboard skiing

Hoverboarding normally is so mainstream these days! Get those planks on the board and embrace the weird looks you get when you hover in public.

Inline skate carve

I have a confession! I use to wake up early in the morning before my lectures to do this. Get some killer inline skates, find some tarmac and imagine you’re ripping some pistes.

Skier’s edge

If it’s good enough for Ski Sunday’s Graham Bell then why not try it yourself. Ramp up thousands of turns till your legs are on fire in your living room.

Ski Plex

I know what you’re thinking! A treadmill and skis is a recipe for disaster, but it’s another way to replace that alpine feeling.

Go to a dry slope

Google your nearest artificial snowsport facility! Whether it’s a snow dome or a good old dry slope you can have millions of runs down a few metres of slope.

Or alternatively you can chase the snow in Australia, New Zealand or South America! 



  1. I know a few people who go skiing I will pass this along I think grass skiing specially with all the wet weather would be great to watch. I personally have never skied so I don’t get the post ski blues, I think the closest I have came to skiing is on one of those virtual games in an arcade at the seaside.

    1. Haha! Thanks for reading Jade 🙂

  2. I have never been skiing and absolutely hate snow but I never knew you didnt need snow to ski, wow!

    1. Learn something everyday 😛 Thanks for reading Rachel!

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  4. […] How to stop that end of ski season feeling […]

  5. […] How to stop that end of ski season feeling […]

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