5 Reasons why you should be reading comic books


With the influx of some of cinema’s best and most compelling movies in recent years stemming from Marvel and DC Comics, what better time than to start reading comic books. Here I take you on a magical journey that is more mysterious than Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, as I explain the top five reasons (I could have done a lot more trust me, but that would take up too much of your time) why you should start buying comic books.

1 Movies that you are watching stem from comic books

Some of the biggest blockbuster and greatest movies of recent times have all stemmed from comic books. I mean, it’s only May, yet we have already had major movie titles such as Batman Vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War and with the likes of X-Men: Apocalypse among others scheduled for the rest of the year, this might just be the best year for movies in history.

Chances are that you will end up watching one of these titles at some point this year when you visit your local cinema with your friends, so why not immerse yourself in the comic book realm beforehand?

Comic book movies have become one of the most popular genres, largely in part due to the X-Men series and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy in the mid 2000’s, which would have no doubt left you hungry for more after the credits rolled.

2 Escapism

Think back to when you were a child, didn’t you want to be a superhero when you were older? You know what scrap that, wouldn’t you want to be a superhero now?

Comic books allow you to dream about being a superhero and allows you to have an hour or two to escape from everything around you.

3 The characters are more compelling and complex than any other form of art

Where else are you going to read about characters, such as a blind lawyer, who secretly protects his beloved city as night, or an orphaned billionaire playboy, who does more for the people of Gotham than anyone in history?

Among the most compelling and complex characters is Superman. I know, I know some of you may be thinking that good old boy scout Clark Kent is one of the most simplest characters to ever be etched into a comic book.

But is he really? This is a man, who is a journalist at the Daily Planet under his alter ego Clark Kent, but is in fact the world’s most powerful man.

This is a guy who protects a planet, which yes he grew up on, but it is not his home, he has no reason to protect it, but he does so out the kindness of his heart.

Imagine being the strongest person on the planet and having to dial it back in every time you do something as simple as turning a knob to open a door, just in case you pull it off its hinges without even noticing, or refraining yourself from breaking a person’s hand when he shakes it.

4 They speak to everyone

It’s not the costumes, or the battles that superhero’s have that draws you into comic books (no pun intended) it’s the people behind the mask that gathers your attention and keeps you coming back for more.

Characters like Spider-Man are awesome, but if you ask most comic fans, it is Peter Parker the man under the suit, who most readers are interested in.

That’s because besides from being one of New York’s finest heroes, Parker is just your typical teenager, who struggles with social issues, finding a girlfriend and those dreaded things that appear on your face called pimples.

Yeah, Parker is a cocky-mouthed action hero when he is Spider-Man, but when you see him in high school it is easier to imagine yourself as the character, whether it’s struggling with homework or juggling household chores with your social life, whilst trying to become a responsible adult.


5 Quick reads, but thought provoking

Another major plus side to reading comic books and let’s face it there are very few downsides, is that they are quick and easy reads that you can pick up and before you know it, you have finished a story arc within the space of two hours at most!

Comic books are something that I have enjoyed since I was a child and I will continue to read them, probably for the rest of my life. If you enjoyed reading this article then please, share it with your friends and family and be sure to leave a comment below.




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