Top Soundcloud artists


Sounds that usually don’t hit the radio

By Peter Davies

Soundcloud is a great platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their latest tracks or for more established artists to experiment. There are timelines full of free tracks and hidden gems available for free.

Aqua Stone Throne

Those of you who are familiar with YouTube’s vlog star Casey Neistat, will have heard some of Aqua Stone Throne’s work. Samples can range from Canadian indie star Mac DeMarco to 60s folk singer Donovan. Great hip hop backing beats.


This French producer has been making tracks since the 90s and has put French rap into the mainstream. He’s the MC of hip hop group Hocus Pocus but his soundcloud is a chance to show he’s a great producer too.


The electro pop duo from San Francisco haven’t posted on soundcloud for over a year now but their page still has some great tracks. Covers and remixes of Robyn, Zella day and One Republic are a few highlights.


Members of Phoenix use to be part of a band with Daft Punk; before they went their separate ways and became great groups in their own rights. The French indie band have been at all the top festivals around the world and use their Soundcloud mostly for  remixes.


CHURCHES originally gained publicity purely through the internet, until radio & TV couldn’t ignore them any longer. The Scottish electro group are taking the world by storm and use Soundcloud to preview latest tracks.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the genius of Bonobo. The British producer has over 900 thousand followers on Soundcloud. The Brighton musician’s live set is one of the best around and his Soundcloud is right up there too!


24-year-old Harely Stratton (stage name Flume) from Sydney, constantly ups the bar with incredible remixes. He takes top tracks and makes them his own. He has 1.89m followers on Soundcloud, definitely one to listen out for!

Any other Soundcloud suggestions drop some links in the comments!



  1. These all sound good esp Phoenix with their links to my favourite of all time, Daft Punk, thanks for posting Sarah

    1. Phoenix are very underrated! Great taste if Daft Punk is your all time favourite! Thanks for reading Sarah!

  2. Of these I’ve only heard one (CHVRCHES) – clearly I need to do some research!

    1. Chvrches are awesome aren’t they? Yeah check these guys out they’re all great in different ways 🙂 Thanks for reading Claire!

  3. Love that Dancing on My Own cover so much and am sooo obsessed with Chvrches. Would love to see them live at some point. Xx

    1. Great song, been covered by a few great bands! Chvrches are awesome! Thanks for reading Emma!

  4. […] Radio 1s live lounge is one the best things to come out of the station. Big names taking on other artist’s tracks and making them their own. Here are a few highlights to pick […]

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