Google has invented an app to make everyone’s life easier

Google has come up with an ingenious way of making texting with your friends so much easier with their latest app.

iPhone users are now able to download a keyboard app called ‘Gboard’, that allows you to search on Google whilst within your messages.

The clever app also lets users find images, GIFs and emoji’s to send to your friends and loved ones.

Google decided to come up with the app, after many users realised that there were many scenarios where the public often have to switch from their messages to the internet in order to find the correct information to share with the recipient.

For instance, say you are planning on meeting your friend at a restaurant that they have never been to before. They ask you for the address, but you do not know it off by heart, so you search for it by switching to your web browser. Not anymore.

The app also allows you to share videos from YouTube and also has a new feature named “Glide Typing” that allows you to slide your finger across the screen to type your message.


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