Skin-melting killers could be on their way to England

By Scott Mills

Supposedly sighted in Devon, Surrey, Sussex and Kent over the past week, the newest edition to Briton’s populated wildlife could be the most aggressive export from across the Channel since Eric Cantona.

The only difference of course is that unlike Eric’s Kung Fu antics on a Crystal Palace fan back in 1995, these two-inch wide hornets can pack more of an impressive kick.

One of the bests spotted in someone's Devonshire home (Photo credit: Yahoo)

One of the bests spotted in someone’s Devonshire home (Photo credit: Yahoo)

The sting of these insects that originate from Asia, can actually inflict so much pain that if in contact with a human, it can melt their skin.

Although experts say none of the sightings have been confirmed as of yet, if the photographs are to be believed then this could seriously threaten the UK bee population, which in short can be devastating for those of us who love their food.

If these Asian hornets were to immigrate to the UK, then they could kill up to 50 bees a day.

With bees pollinating 70 of around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world, it is no wonder that DreamWorks had made a film about them.

To cut a long story short, if these hornets were to kill off the remainder of the bee species, not only would Wiz Khalifa have no reason to rap about ‘Black and Yellow’, but they wouldn’t be able to pollinate the plants.

If the plants die, then the animals have nothing to feed on which of course continues right through the food chain until it reaches us.

Without them we would seriously struggle to sustain the global human population of 7 billion, and unlike in Shaun of the Dead, this would certainly be something that not even a nice cold pint in the Winchester waiting for it to all blow over could solve.

Originating in the hot and humid climates of the Far East, these predominantly black-bodied hornets came over to France 12 years ago attached to pottery imports and they are not expected to stop there.

These insects are larger than a two pence coin and are predicted to spread quicker than Dairylea, as they will soon aim to take over other European countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.

Whilst the hordes are known for moving quickly, they are only able to fly during the day time hours, which of course puts those at risk of severe allergic reactions at even greater danger, after their sting has already resulted in six deaths in France.

These killer hornets are expected to be bigger than two-inches wide (Photo credit: Yahoo)

These killer hornets are expected to be bigger than two-inches wide (Photo credit: Yahoo)

However, those of us based in the northern parts of UK need not to worry.

This is because the hornets are not expected to be established outside of southern parts of England and Wales due to the colder weather they would experience up in the likes of Newcastle and Liverpool.

But fear not, because as those long summer nights draw in alongside the prospects of beer gardens and barbecues, plans have already been put in place to eradicate them in order to protect the 25 native species of honey bee that are currently living in the UK.


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