Beat those summer time Premier League blues with a schedule packed full of sport:

By Scott Mills

After the small matter of a Champions League Final on the 28th May, the curtain finally closes on what has been an unbelievable and unforgettable football season.

From Michael Owen announcing to the world live on BT Sport that ‘if you don’t score, you will hardly ever win games’ to the fact that next season Jamie Vardy could well possibly be blistering past Barcelona’s Gerard Pique, telling him that if he ‘chats s***, he will be getting banged’, we now have to wait until August before we are reunited with a weekly fix of the game we love.

Whilst many of us couldn’t think of anything worse than being forced to watch another two months of Phil Mitchell bantering Ian Beale, this time can often leave us evaluating our lives.

However, with the European Championships and Wimbledon both starting in June, this summer will be different.

As you wave goodbye to the days where you’d be sat waiting anxiously to see if 60 year-old ex-sales assistant Norris would beat the self-described ‘beast’ on ‘The Chase’, you warmly welcome those long summers nights filled with barbeques, booze and belief that this could be England’s year.

Photo Credit: The Gaurdian

Photo Credit: The Gaurdian

That moment where everyone believes that this is the end to 50 years of hurt, so they visit their local Sports Direct to pick up an over-priced replica shirt and a flag to hang out of the window, only for it to be pulled back in quicker than Usain Bolt runs the 100 metres when England crash out at the group stages.

As the Euros nears its conclusion, it then becomes that time of year where all of a sudden everyone acts like they’re the next Tim Henman.

From the end of June right the way through to the 10th July, the greats of tennis take to South-West London in a bid to become the new Wimbledon Champion.

As Roger Federer looks to complete a record-breaking 8th Wimbledon title, the likes of Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray will also be keen to add to their Grand Slam titles.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The Championships.

The Championships.

The end of June also treats us better than the surprise of yet another pair of socks, pants and toiletries from your Nan at Christmas, in the form of a boxing match.

After prizing the IBF World Heavyweight title from Charles Martin in his last bout, Anthony Joshua begins his title defence against Dominic Breazeale.

With both men going in the fight undefeated with 31 knockouts between them, this is one that certainly will not want to be missed.

Even July, sees the return of the Silverstone Grand Prix and the comeback of the iconic Colin Montgomery commentating on British Open.

Then who can forget the commercial powerhouse that is the Olympics, returning to our television screens at the beginning of August as the samba-loving, sun-kissed Rio De Janiero becomes the first South American city to host the games.

Photo Credit; Wikipedia

Photo Credit; Wikipedia

Then before we know it, the Premier League finally returns.


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