5 Awesome TV shows from the 1990’s that you totally forgot about

Ah the 1990’s, back when children’s television was at its peak. Although we might be saying that because we all grew up in that particular decade, but nonetheless we as a collective used to sit down and watch as much TV as possible when we had the chance and here are five shows that you totally forgot existed.

5. Kenan and Kel

“Aw, here it goes”. Kenan and Kel kicks off this list, with the two teenagers that left you glued to the screen as we watched the misadventures of this dynamic duo from Chicago, Illinois.

From the incredibly catchy theme song, this show had us in stiches as we laughed at the situations Kel often landed Kenan in, with their ludicrous plans. Thanks to these two it left an entire generation knowing who loved Orange soda.


4. Bernard’s Watch

Bernard’s Watch, did exactly what it said on the tin, it was about a boy named Bernard who had a magical watch that could pause time, which was given to him by his local postman, whose name was not Pat.

The boy who was always late beforehand, was able to ensure he was never late again as he became a part of the “Time Keeping Society” and used his special watch to help people that were in peril.


3. SMTV Live

SMTV Live the show that gave Britain’s favourite presenters Ant and Dec the chance to shine in front of a live studio audience for the first time in their careers as they along with Cat Deeley, brought us amazing competitions, comedy sketches and celebrity guests.

An audience favourite was Wonky Donkey a game where children at home phoned in to win prizes, as they took part in a rhyming game with the animation on the screen. Sounds simple? Well maybe to Ant and Dec, as they used to scream down the camera to viewers that their guesses had to rhyme.


2. Blue Peter

Although this show started in the 1950’s Blue Peter remained a mainstay in the 90’s, as the magazine programme taught us how to care for our pets, how to make just about anything out of card and paper along with other interesting facts.

But, it is probably best known as the show that used to issue badges to viewers, if you appeared on the programme or awarded to you for an achievement that was worthy of the much acclaimed prize. Let’s face it, everyone wanted one.


1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Four teenage turtle bothers Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello were trained by their master Splinter, who just so happened to be a giant rat, who taught them martial arts to defend New York City and indeed the world from the evil Shredder.

These four pizza loving brothers kept us glued to out TV sets for nearly 200 episodes, yet many have either forgotten about the incredibly popular cartoon or just decide not to talk about it.

The cartoon’s popularity has seen several live-action TMNT movies made with the most recent one coming out this summer. It also has one of, if not the most catchy theme song in television history.


So that’s our list, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what your favourite childhood programme was from the 1990’s and be sure to check out Part Two next week.




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