Best YouTubers right now!

Presspicture for RED BULL international

Swedish pro skier Jon Olson now does daily vloggs Photo: Redbull Content Pool

By Peter Davies 

YouTube use to be a place to watch old TV clips and music videos but now it’s producing some of the best visual content around. People from around the world are vlogging, creating films and episodes about absolutely everything.

Check out some of the best Youtubers around

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is the king of daily vlogging. Every day we get a snapshot of his life and all the cool events he goes to. He makes inspiring and visually stunning content that is relatable to so many creative people. From riding around New York on a motorised skateboard to crashing drones this guy lives life to the full.

Ben Brown 

Mr Ben Brown was the world junior and senior flat water kayak marathon champion before he became a YouTube hit. His honest light-hearted style to blogging is really compelling and will have you hooked in no time. Brown travels all over the world and manages to bring visual stunning footage to all his content.

Hannah Witton 

Follow the sex and relationship advice of Hannah Witton and you’ll feel like you have more clarity with life. The kooky brit has a really charming outlook on life and is always smiling. She discusses various topics and her drunken advice segment is just genius. Look at for many collaborations with other great YouTubers and famous people on her channel!

Jon Olsson

New to the Vlogging game is Swedish professional skier Jon Olsson. The pioneer of Douchebags luggage has an amazing lifestyle. He’s hired his friend Markus to follow him during the day to get an insight to what a crazy life he has. When he’s not on skis, he’s driving fast cars or chilling in a stunning location. Also, check out his camouflage house!


Cute couple Adam and Hope get up to all sorts of mischief. Fun challenges and days out are captured every week. The dynamic duo challenge themselves to spend time and make the most of their newly engaged lives. Check out the cheeky shout out I get in one their video! Life made!


Shaun McBride is famous for his Vines and Snapchat stories but he’s also killing it on YouTube. He shows daily adventures that he and his family get up to around the world. He’s a ball of energy that you just can’t help but smile at. One of the best YouTubers to use 360 technology on some of his content.

Devin Super Tramp

Every Tuesday Devin Graham uploads extreme sport visual gold for us to see. The American videographer has a talent of making visual gold. Montages of amazing people in incredible locations. He currently has 4.1 million followers. Just sit back and press play!

If you’re a YouTuber share your channel in the comments! If there’s any other suggestions for this list gives us a shout on our social media platforms!

Top 10 must watch things on Youtube!



  1. sanjanaguptaa · · Reply please read my article about the role I think YouTubers play in today’s society!

    1. Interesting post! Good insight into how YouTube affects our culture today!

      1. sanjanaguptaa · ·

        Thank you!

  2. There is so much quality content on YouTube it’s hard not to miss something. Thank you for sharing your favourites. I’m definitely going to check some of them out!

  3. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x) · · Reply

    I really, really love Casey Neistat’s vlogs and Ben browns, the quality is amazing! Especially with there drones! Fun For Louis is another of my favourites at the moment – his adventures are amazing!!

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