David Weir claims his sixth title at the 2017 Adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon:

By Scott Mills

2017 Elite Wheelchair starting line up at the Adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon

Six-time Paralympic Gold medallist David Weir claimed his sixth-straight Adidas Silverstone Half-Marathon win with a time of 00:47:33, in what turned out to be a fantastic day of racing for the Weir Archer Academy.

Despite the infamous Silverstone rain doing its best to dampen the team’s spirits, Weir Archer’s David Weir, JohnBoy Smith, Will Smith, Sheik Sheik and Stuart Bloor all remained extremely focused as they gathered at the start line to compete around one of the most iconic race tracks in Formula 1 history.

David Weir, JohnBoy Smith and Stuart Bloor preparing to take on a tough course

With the teams coach Jenny Archer having prepared the racers for any situation whether it be competing in rain, snow, sleet or shine and pushing up or down steep hills , the athletes were going to need to draw on their experiences of grafting around Richmond Park and that is exactly what they did.

As Weir crossed the finishing line, the team captain JohnBoy Smith soon followed suit in 2nd by capping off an excellent personal race by smashing the ever-illusive sub-50 Half-Marathon and his old personal best of 00:50:28  by recording a superb time of 00:49:51.

As if battling hills, surface water and rain wasn’t enough, Bloor was also facing a fight against illness and antibiotics to even be at the starting line let alone complete the race.

Stuart Bloor battling illness as well as rain out on the track

Smith and Sheik also fought their way through a tough field and the even harsher conditions to record good times in which capped off a fantastic day for the club.

As the EDP Lisbon Half-Marathon rapidly approaches on the horizon, the team will now look to regroup in order to repeat more of todays successes in Portugal later this week.



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