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2016 Tour de France moments

Chris Froome pictured (photo taken 2013)  By Peter Davies  Cycling’s most famous bike race has come to an end but what were the most memorable moments on the Tour? From off bike incidences to some new rising stars the race had it all! Don’t call it a comeback  Mark Cavendish proved critics wrong once again […]

Best YouTubers right now!

By Peter Davies  YouTube use to be a place to watch old TV clips and music videos but now it’s producing some of the best visual content around. People from around the world are vlogging, creating films and episodes about absolutely everything. Check out some of the best Youtubers around Casey Neistat Casey Neistat is […]

5 Awesome TV shows from the 1990’s that you totally forgot about

Ah the 1990’s, back when children’s television was at its peak. Although we might be saying that because we all grew up in that particular decade, but nonetheless we as a collective used to sit down and watch as much TV as possible when we had the chance and here are five shows that you totally forgot […]

Best Live Lounge covers

By Peter Davies BBC Radio 1s live lounge is one the best things to come out of the station. Big names taking on other artist’s tracks and making them their own. Here are a few highlights to pick from. Arctic Monkeys – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)  Alex Turner has evolved into a […]

Sport Documentaries you should watch

By Peter Davies There are many stories and events in sport that can be captured or revisited through the art of film. Here are a few I’ve picked that I think you should watch! Team Foxcatcher (2016) Bio This documentary follows the story of John Du Pont who founded and owned the Team Foxcatcher wrestling […]

Things we’ve learnt from the 2015/16 Alpine ski season

By Peter Davies The new parallel giant slalom was exciting to watch Parallel giant slalom was a new addition to the World Cup. Although we have seen it before, it was introduced a point scoring event this season. The short and visually exciting discipline had viewers on the edge of their seats.Hopefully they’ll be more […]

Ranking all 7 Star Wars films from ‘worst to best’

It is the film franchise that you will never tire of and is arguably the greatest set of movies ever to be made. All seven feature films are fantastic in different aspects, but which one is the best of the bunch? Just as a disclosure there is not one film of the franchise that I […]