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By Scott Mills Ever since its creation in 1996, Pokemon has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the biggest media franchises of all time, grossing $30billion worldwide from video games, Japanese anime and trading cards. Having sold over 279 million video games, Pokemon is the second best-selling game franchise, currently placed behind Nintendo’s […]

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Chris Froome pictured (photo taken 2013)  By Peter Davies  Cycling’s most famous bike race has come to an end but what were the most memorable moments on the Tour? From off bike incidences to some new rising stars the race had it all! Don’t call it a comeback  Mark Cavendish proved critics wrong once again […]

Britain's exit could have a huge impact on the film industry

By Scott Mills Since Britain left the European Union, the value of the the British pound has fallen and the country’s future has drifted into uncertainty. Businesses who would previously trade with European countries, will now have to pay tariffs and fees to export and import goods. By helping to fund the British film industry […]

France, it has been a pleasure.

By Scott Mills Two weeks ago, like a lot of other English football fans, I left England full of expectation, hope and optimism that this could be our year, as I headed to the 2016 European Championships in France. More excited than when a morbidly obese child sees chocolate cake, I didn’t quite know what to expect […]

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By Peter Davies  YouTube use to be a place to watch old TV clips and music videos but now it’s producing some of the best visual content around. People from around the world are vlogging, creating films and episodes about absolutely everything. Check out some of the best Youtubers around Casey Neistat Casey Neistat is […]

Completing the London Vitality 10K! Pink has always made me look extremely masculine.

  By Scott Mills In 2002, Eminem released a song that echoed those famous words of ‘Guess who’s back? back again’. Unfortunately, unlike that absolute classic from the real Slim Shady that we all blared out alongside James Blunt’s ‘Beautiful’ on our Sony Ericsson Walkmans, I have some similar news that is far less exciting. Like […]

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By Peter Davies About me For number of years now I have been ski instructing and coaching. It’s satisfying to watch someone learn at least one new thing whilst you’re doing a lesson or session. I was part of the Martin Bell ski camp coaching team for couple of years when it was down in […]